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Silver Earth

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Oversize Cedar EarringsOversize Cedar Earrings
Oversize Cedar Earrings Sale price$83.00
The perfect mini hoopThe perfect mini hoop
The perfect mini hoop Sale price$31.00
Aquamarine Band RingAquamarine Band Ring
Aquamarine Band Ring Sale price$68.00
The Bold hoopThe Bold hoop
The Bold hoop Sale price$46.00
Sold outWanderlust necklaceWanderlust necklace
Wanderlust necklace Sale price$38.00
Sage Wrap Leaf RingSage Wrap Leaf Ring
Sage Wrap Leaf Ring Sale price$61.00
Larimar Band RingLarimar Band Ring
Larimar Band Ring Sale price$61.00
Amethyst Band RingAmethyst Band Ring
Amethyst Band Ring Sale price$53.00
Oak + Acorn Charm Necklace Gold
Oak + Acorn Charm NecklaceOak + Acorn Charm Necklace
Gold Tiny Dog Paw CharmGold Tiny Dog Paw Charm
Gold Tiny Dog Paw Charm Sale price$31.00
Save 15%Opal Marquise Stud EarringsOpal Marquise Stud Earrings
Opal Marquise Stud Earrings Sale price$23.00 Regular price$27.00
Twig Gold Sapphire RingTwig Gold Sapphire Ring
Twig Gold Sapphire Ring Sale priceFrom $38.00
Birthstone NecklaceBirthstone Necklace
Birthstone Necklace Sale price$38.00
Birthstone CharmBirthstone Charm
Birthstone Charm Sale price$27.00
Organic Silver Hoop EarringsOrganic Silver Hoop Earrings
Save 33%Circle Necklace in Rose GoldCircle Necklace in Rose Gold
Circle Necklace in Rose Gold Sale price$31.00 Regular price$46.00
Sold outSave 28%Circle Necklace in GoldCircle Necklace in Gold
Circle Necklace in Gold Sale price$33.00 Regular price$46.00
Save 18%Rain Drop Hoops Yellow GoldRain Drop Hoops Yellow Gold
Rain Drop Hoops Yellow Gold Sale price$31.00 Regular price$38.00
Save 18%Rain Drop Hoops Rose GoldRain Drop Hoops Rose Gold
Rain Drop Hoops Rose Gold Sale price$31.00 Regular price$38.00
Save 18%Rain Drop Hoops SilverRain Drop Hoops Silver
Rain Drop Hoops Silver Sale price$31.00 Regular price$38.00
Tiny Oak Charm Necklace GoldTiny Oak Charm Necklace Gold
Tiny Oak Charm Necklace SilverTiny Oak Charm Necklace Silver
Gold Dog paw stud earringsGold Dog paw stud earrings
Rose Gold Dog paw stud earringsRose Gold Dog paw stud earrings
Save 63%Tiny Owl Charm NecklaceTiny Owl Charm Necklace
Tiny Owl Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $17.00 Regular price$46.00
The Urn Necklace GoldThe Urn Necklace Gold
The Urn Necklace Gold Sale priceFrom $61.00
On saleStacking silver ringsStacking silver rings
Stacking silver rings Sale priceFrom $31.00 Regular price$38.00
Save 59%Whale tail pendantWhale tail pendant
Whale tail pendant Sale price$19.00 Regular price$46.00
Hummingbird Earrings Silver
Hummingbird Earrings Gold
Hummingbird Earrings Gold Sale price$61.00
Dog paw stud earringsDog paw stud earrings
Save 49%Sea Urchin Earrings
Sea Urchin Earrings Sale price$31.00 Regular price$61.00
Save 33%Sea Urchin Tiny Charm PendantSea Urchin Tiny Charm Pendant
Sea Urchin Tiny Charm Pendant Sale priceFrom $27.00 Regular price$46.00
Pearl Band RingPearl Band Ring
Pearl Band Ring Sale price$53.00
Save 17%Small Heart Necklace in Rose goldSmall Heart Necklace in Rose gold
Small Heart Necklace in Rose gold Sale price$38.00 Regular price$46.00
Tiny Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace SilverTiny Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Silver
Tiny Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Rose GoldTiny Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Rose Gold
Tiny Bee Earrings in Yellow Gold
Twig Sapphire RingTwig Sapphire Ring
Twig Sapphire Ring Sale price$68.00
Save 25%Gold Acorn EarringsGold Acorn Earrings
Gold Acorn Earrings Sale price$46.00 Regular price$61.00
On saleTiny Gold Acorn Charm NecklaceTiny Gold Acorn Charm Necklace
Tiny Gold Acorn Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $38.00 Regular price$53.00
Tiny Dog Paw CharmTiny Dog Paw Charm
Tiny Dog Paw Charm Sale price$31.00
Save 42%Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Rose GoldCanadian Maple Leaf Necklace Rose Gold
Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Rose Gold Sale price$38.00 Regular price$65.00
Save 44%Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace SilverCanadian Maple Leaf Necklace Silver
Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace Silver Sale priceFrom $38.00 Regular price$68.00
Tiny Pinecone Earrings in Yellow GoldTiny Pinecone Earrings in Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold Tiny Pinecone Charm NecklaceYellow Gold Tiny Pinecone Charm Necklace
The New Essential Yellow Gold EarringsThe New Essential Yellow Gold Earrings