Unique hidden ring box

September 05, 2014

Super excited to see a fellow Emily Carr University alumni Andrew Zo, has finally come up with a ring box with style! I think this is the perfect ring box for the man who wants to propose with style. The box is designed so that you easily conceal it within a pocket. I give this design an A+, as it is slick, clean, slim and innovative. I really love how the ring is presented when opened. So gentleman, no more excuses on not proposing, the perfect modern engagement ring box has arrived! Andrew will be accepting orders for the ring box again in October 2014, the design is called Clifton.




I can tell you that many women like to design their own engagement rings. Why not propose with a JB ring that you know they will love? Then you can both design the engagement ring together. Here is one of our newest sage leaf rings, which is popular with the ladies!