Nature Inspired Jewelry: Leaf rings

August 24, 2014

I decided it was time to create a line of luxurious leaf wrap rings (inspired by one of our top selling designs for many years!). I chose a Sage leaf to make an organic cast, using a process similar to lost wax casting. A sage leaf has a wonderful smell that I love and a beautiful ntexture. Whenever I am in the garden or on a hike, I am always inspired by nature to create my next piece of handmade jewelry. 

This sterling silver sage leaf ring is adjustable and fits a majority of rings sizes. (sz 5-9). The pear diamond like stone is a Swarovski crystal. This ring has become ones of my favourite pieces and I find it perfect for wearing on a daily basis. I have also recently decided it is a good thing I make jewelry, if not I would constantly shopping online to buy one of a kind jewelry! 

This leaf ring is a spin off of our top selling rolled leaf wrap ring. I decided to offer this ring in three metal options, due to its popularity. It is available in gold plated silver, sterling silver, and rose bronze. The oear shaped stones are also 

Swarovski crystal. Once again, this ring is also adjustable in size. (sz 5-9).