How to accessorize in the summer

May 23, 2014

Summer is finally on its way, and while we’ve been waiting for the sunshine and warmer weather with open arms after that marathon of a winter, summer also brings with it those hot, sticky and humid temperatures that make it slightly less desirable. But when it’s too hot to even think about wearing clothes, let alone jewelry, how do you dress to stay stylish without foregoing the accessories?


Start with light and flowy fabrics for your outfit—think loose-fitting sundresses and skirts or not-too-thick pants—and then put on your jewelry with the less-is-more mentality. When it’s too hot to move under the beating sunlight, you don’t want a big statement necklace making you sweat, so opt for smaller, daintier pieces for daytime and save your bigger pieces for later in the evening when it’s a little cooler. 


Necklaces with longer chains like the Dreamcatcher Necklace or smaller pendants like the Wishbone Pendant will add some life to your outfit without weighing you down. Pair your trying-to-keep-cool updo with a pair of sweet studs like the Coffee Bean Earrings and complete your look with the adjustable (so won’t be too tight when you’re really feeling the heat) Orchid Leaf Macrame Bracelet before heading out the door.

Guest Post Written by freelance fashion writer Ashley Kowalewski