An Anatomical Heart Locket That Says “I Love You” With Every Beat

January 24, 2014

The anatomical heart locket is the ideal gift for your loved one. Within the pendant, you place a picture of yourself, a picture of both of you, or a something that represents you, like a strand of hair. Dangling from a gold plated wheat chain, this gift signifies that your heart is with them – forever. You can almost feel the beat of their heart in rhythm with your symbolic talisman. But you can take it even further. Deepen your love even more. Make a symbolic connection bound by two anatomical hearts. 


Two hearts are better than one. Why not get a heart pendant for you as well. Something to share together even when you are apart. Something to remind each other where your heart belongs. In those moments when things are complicated, or your day is challenging wouldn't it feel wonderful to place your hand over the heart of someone you long to have near? 


The anatomical heart locket is cast in silver and bronze. The mold is carved in perfect detail out of wax giving it the stunning appearance of the real thing. This piece was inspired by love and made with love. The locket itself works with a high powered magnet that keeps the contents secure and easily accessible. 


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