Jewelry designer Shopify Website Design!

January 18, 2016

Jewelry designer Shopify Website Design!

It has been just about two years since I switched my e-commerce store to Shopify. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. I feel that having my own store which I am 100% in control of was a game changer for me. I am living my own entrepreneurial dream. The benefits of being an entrepreneur and endless, but I'll dig a little deeper into why I love Shopify and why it has helped my business succeed.

First off, Shopify has pretty templates and the best part is many are FREE. I started with a free template and paid for minor custom changes I wanted done over the past two years. The website design is clean and slick. The backend is just as streamlined as the front end looks. At first I was worried people would notice my site was a 'template', but in reality this is just the starting point. You can customize the entire experience for your customer right down to the colors of the button on your check out page. 

Next up on my list is Shopify created a platform which makes me want to check in everyday. I am motivated by this dynamic company, which is constantly growing and trying to make the experience better for both the business owner and the end consumer. New apps are continually being developed which some are free and some are paid. Don't get scared away by the ones that charge, none of these are essential to running a successful Shopify store. However, any apps I do pay for and now use pay for themselves x10. There is an abundance of free apps that simply put, make my life better. From shippo which has saved me countless hours of standing in line at the post office to Mailchimp integrating with my email customer list. (can you say goodbye copying and pasting!). Shopify rewards its users by easy to understand statistics when you login, which are relevant to your specific products in laymen's terms. I am talking simple people! 

Finally, Shopify is the perfect platform to test out new products. I can upload a new item in less than a minute. The uploading of pictures, description, product details etc. can be done manually or via a CSV in bulk. Once your shiny new product is up and ready to share with the world, integration with marketing social media/ marketing outlets are endless. From Instagram, Google shopping, Facebook ads, the list goes on. There is amazing forums on Facebook with other Shopify store owners, who share there success and failures in online marketing specific to Shopify. 


I could go on forever about how great Shopify is, but in reality you have to be motivated and you have to want it bad! Shopify is tool for financial success and freedom for the driven and motivated entrepreneur. I started with a free 14 days trial within my comfort zone and now I sign up for 2 years upfront payments to save money! I cannot see my LOVE for Shopify fading anytime soon. I had always dreamed about being a jewelry designer and selling directly to my own clientele, Shopify gave me this platform.


WOOHOO! Thanks for reading and I hope you check out Shopify for your own business!